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Lafayette Citizens Band
2017 Photo Gallery

"Music for a Summer Night" Kicks Off "Official" Summer

Beth and student Braeden Lilly Caroline Shyama and Carson
Beth Purkhiser and her students Braeden, Lilly, Caroline, Shyama and Carson provided pre-concert music on June 22.

Ian and Eric, sound techs Regan and Rebekah, contest winners Masashi
Left: Ian and Eric, sound technicians for the LCB concerts.
Center: Regan and Rebekah, winners of last week's question contest, are congratulated by LCB President Mark Lillianfeld.
Right: Masashi, another student of Beth Purkhiser's, playing with the band.

Margaret Ian and trombones Jason and Steven, horn players
Left: Margaret Bertucci, LCB's Executive Director, plays bass clarinet with the band.
Center: Margaret's son Ian and the trombone section perform the "Light Cavalry Overture".
Right: Jason and Steven play in the horn section.

Audience listens to Sgt. Pepper Bill Kisinger and Band
Left: The audience for the first official summer concert.
Right: The trombones stand for "Lassus Trombone".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

LCB Honors Lafayette and West Lafayette

Alex and Finn and popcorn Lion's Club Popcorn Team
Alex and Finn hope to get some popcorn, served by the Lions Club Popcorn Team at the June 15 concert.

Bill's Bones Men of Music Percussion
Left: Bill Kisinger's group "Bill's Bones" provided pre-concert music.
Right: The percussion section during "Men of Music March".

Don, Billy and Ted Lynda and Janice
Don, Billy, Ted (left) and Lynda and Janice (right) enjoy the concert.

Sheila Klinker presents proclamation Audience for Back Home Again in Indiana
Left: Sheila Klinker presents the band with a certificate commemorating 175 years of the Lafayette Citizens Band.
Right: Audience members enjoying the singalong.

Ron Campbell and Sana Booker Audience for Back Home Again in Indiana
Left: Lafayette Council member Ron Campbell and West Lafayette Clerk Sana Booker represented the mayors.
Right: City representatives ready to lead the singalong of "Back Home Again in Indiana".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Lafayette Citizens Band presents "America the Beautiful"

Beth Purkhiser and Masashi Fukada
Beth Purkhiser and Masashi Fukada provided pre-concert saxophone music at the June 8 concert.

Audience for America the Beautiful concert Bill Kisinger and band
Left: The audience at the "America the Beautiful" concert on June 8.
Right: Bill Kisinger conducts the Lafayette Citizens Band.
(Photos by Janet Fukada)

High School Night Showcases Local Players and Band Directors

High School Night Audience Tom Barker receives Hoosier Award High School tubist Preston Wolfe
Left: The audience for the High School Night concert on June 1.
Center: Tom Barker receives the Hoosier Award from State Representative Sheila Klinker.
Right: High school tubist Preston Wolfe playing with the band in the Frescobaldi "Toccata".

Michael Richardson, Benton Central HS Joel Good, Rossville HS Percussion in Matt Conaway's Primeval Stormfront
Left: Michael Richardson (Benton Central HS) conducts Henry Fillmore's "The Klaxon".
Center: Joel Good (Rossville HS) leads the band in "Shenandoah".
Right: The percussion section playing Matt Conaway's "Primeval Stormfront".

Audience whistling along with On the Mall Dan Peo, McCutcheon HS Percussion in Syncopated Clock
Left: The audience whistles along with Edwin Franko Goldman's "On the Mall".
Center: Dan Peo (McCutcheon HS) directs "On the Mall".
Right: The percussion section playing Leroy Anderson's "The Syncopated Clock".

Tom Barker, Lafayette Jefferson HS Clayton Henady, West Lafayette HS Steve Cotten, Harrison HS
Left: Tom Barker (Lafayette Jefferson HS) leads the band in "Funiculi Funicula".
Center: Clayton Henady (West Lafayette HS) directs "Rhythms and Riffs".
Right: Steve Cotten (Harrison HS) conducts "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on the album's 50th anniversary.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Lafayette Citizens Band Makes It Official: Summer Is Here!

Memorial Day audience MarkLillianfeld
Left: The audience, estimated at 500-600, at the Memorial Day concert.
Right: LCB Board President Mark Lillianfeld welcomes the crowd.

Bill Kisinger directs American Salute The band on Memorial Day 2017
Bill Kisinger conducts the LCB in "American Salute" by Morton Gould.

Flags Percussion
Flags fly overhead while the percussion section plays with the band.

Olivia, Zach and Eloise Reese and Uncle Don
Left: Olivia, Zach and Eloise enjoy the concert.
Right: Reese dances with Uncle Don to the "Fantasia" selections.

Army veterans 1 Army veterans 2 Marine veterans 1 Marine veterans 2
Air Force veterans 1 Air Force veterans 2 Navy veterans 1 Navy veterans 2
Veterans of the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy are recognized during the
Memorial Day concert as the band plays the service songs for all branches.

Stars and Stripes
The piccolos and the brass section stand for the Memorial Day concert encore, "The Stars and Stripes Forever".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

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