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Thanks to the Indiana Arts Commission!

We’d like to thank the Indiana Arts Commission for helping fund the Lafayette Citizens Band. The IAC grant goes a long way in helping us provide free, quality concert band music for the Lafayette and West Lafayette area. We are very grateful to our state officials who approve funding for these grants, and the great support we get from our local Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

Our Winter 2018 Newsletter is Here!

Click here or on the image at the left to see the latest edition of our newsletter, "UPBEAT", which includes information about our mission and annual fundraising campaign, letters from our Executive Director Beth Purkhiser and Board President Dan Peo, and a patron survey which you can mail in (Lafayette Citizens Band, 216 N. 4th Street, Suite 201, Lafayette, IN 47901), or wait a few days, and the link will be available online. Enjoy!

Lafayette Citizens Band Elects New Officers and Board Members,
and Gives Out Awards

Mark Lillianfeld Ted Luce Brian Dalder
Left: Outgoing President Mark Lillianfeld receives the Most Miles Driven Award from Executive Director Beth Purkhiser.
Center: Ted "Ice Man" Luce is presented with the President's Award, for helping with setup and teardown, and bringing ice to every concert.
Right: Treasurer Brian Dalder received a new award, the "Most Completely Indispensable Board Member Bonded Until Death" award.

Jenn Tordil Raf Tordil David Jensen
Left: Jenn Tordil receives the Above and Beyond Award, for her graphics art contributions and help with publicity.
Center: Jenn's husband Raf Tordil won the Volunteer of the Year Award, for helping us with computer problems and running our live-streaming.
Right: David Jensen received a new award, the Speediest Ad Sales Award, for his great help with our ad booklet.
(Photos by Paul Addison)

The Lafayette Citizens Band finished its 2018 business with the Annual Meeting, held at Walt's Other Pub on Sunday, September 16. Dan Peo, band director at McCutcheon High School, was elected the new President of the LCB Board, and Jenn Tordil was elected Vice-President. Kaitlin Wright and Brian Dalder were elected to new terms as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

New members of the Board are Roger Duncan, who was the first band director at McCutcheon when the school opened in the 1970s, Galen King, bassoonist with the LCB and a former Board member and President, and Stanton Gelvin, longtime clarinet player with the band. Outgoing Board members are Connie Bumbleburg and Paula Jones. A number of awards were presented, and listed above as captions to the pictures.

A retrospective video was presented that recounted the many things that happened during the 2018 season: pre-concerts, live streaming, High School Night, City Appreciation Night, the Stars and Stripes Concert, and more. We invite you to look at our 2018 Photo Gallery for a look back on the season.

We will be back at Riehle Plaza on Memorial Day 2019. See you next year!

Every Time We Say Goodbye...

Left: Paul Addison receives an award for serving as Webmaster for the Lafayette Citizens Band.
Center: The audience relaxes for the final concert of the season.
Right: The saxophone section during Vaughan Williams's "Sea Songs".

Left: The clarinet section during "Sea Songs".
Center: Another view of the Labor Day audience.
Right: Trumpeter Bruce Knepper solos on "Your Cheatin' Heart".

Top Left 2: Army veterans stand while the band plays "The Caissons Go Rolling Along".
Top Right 2: Marine veterans stand for the "Marines Hymn".
Bottom Left 3: Air Force veterans stand for the "Air Force Song".
Bottom Right 2: Navy veterans stand for "Anchors Aweigh".

Left and Right: Percussion plays on highlights from "West Side Story" on the 100th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein's birth.
Center: Cally and Selah listen to dad (Kevin, in the horn section).
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Every time we say goodbye, the summer dies a little. At 8:00 pm on Monday, September 3, under beautiful (if warm) weather, the Lafayette Citizens Band concluded its 2018 season, and just like that, the summer was pretty much over.

The program featured a mix of musical styles. Ralph Vaughn Williams's "Sea Songs" started things off, followed by Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov's "Procession of the Nobles". From England to Russia to Germany we went, as we performed J.S. Bach's "Celebrated Air".

We returned to the good old USA for the remainder of the concert. American composer Roland Seitz's "March Grandioso" wass followed by Jay Dawson's "Tennessee Salute", which included "Your Cheatin' Heart", the "Tennessee Waltz", and "Rocky Top". Then, we saluted the start of the football season with "The Glory of the Gridiron" march by Harry Alford. A Bill Kisinger arrangement of jazz keyboardist Dan Siegel's "After All" was next. We kept up our tradition of honoring our service veterans with the "Armed Forces Salute", and we concluded the concert with a tribute to composer Leonard Bernstein on the occasion of his 100th birthday, with highlights from "West Side Story". Click here to see the Labor Day concert program..

Look at the pictures on this page, watch and listen to the videos at the bottom of the page (or click here), and settle in for winter, fall and spring. We'll be back on Memorial Day 2019! Thanks for your loyal support!

Frank Muffin Band Entertains on Thursday Evening

The Frank Muffin Band provided music for a pleasant summer night.

Left: Hans Rees on guitar and Jerome Hemersbach on vocals.
Right: Emily Larimer on drums and Brittany Rees on bass fiddle.

The audience enjoys the music of the Frank Muffin Band.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

While the Lafayette Citizens Band is on a short school-prep break, the Frank Muffin Band provided the entertainment on Thursday evening, August 9. Brittany Rees, LCB flute player (and sister of Bryana Bunte), performs in the group.

(From their website:) With roots in classical, contemporary, and alternative rock music, Frank Muffin and their versatile alt-rock sound has been building a buzz in Lafayette since they formed in 2011. Though initially intended as a onetime acoustic trio, their harmonies stirred up fans who requested more and the Muffins obliged. A few performances later, Frank Muffin introduced a drummer into their batch to expand to outdoor venues and larger events. Often praised for their diverse catalog, Frank Muffin considers themselves the "we’ll try anything" band of Lafayette. The fusion of musical interests among the members creates a unique collection of songs and styles for all to enjoy.

Frank Muffin takes every opportunity to freshen their set and add new sounds to the mix. The talents of the vocalists and their instrumental flexibility enables Frank Muffin to continuously expand their resonance and performance. In Ricker Rocker’s music review of Frank Muffin, he states, "With nine different instruments played amongst the four members... they impressed me immediately with technical prowess and exceptional harmony, as well as stage presence... They cover so vast a range in genre that I was like a kid in a record store. They had a pleasing little something for everyone. Their repertoire landed somewhere among punk, alt-rock, new wave, and of course classic covers. And I loved every minute of it." Hans Rees, the mastermind behind the Muffin originals, has been writing and recording music as a solo artist and in multiple bands for more than thirty years. With the upcoming release of the first Frank Muffin album, Hans is able to realize and reimagine his work in the age of streaming and digital distribution.

Although they love being a staple in the Lafayette music scene, Frank Muffin has their sights set on sharing their music with surrounding communities in Indiana and surrounding states.

Click here to see the program for Frank Muffin.

(Our thanks to the Frank Muffin Band for entertaining the Lafayette Citizens Band with some great music.)

The Lafayette Citizens Band will return to Riehle Plaza on Monday, September 3 to perform the season finale Labor Day concert, which will start at 7:00.

Help the Band by Joining the Board!

You've probably listened to the Lafayette Citizens Band, and you probably are a donor. There is another way you can help this fine community band, and that is by serving on the Board of Directors. The Lafayette Citizens Band is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, and its Board of Directors manages the day-to-day and year-to-year operations, budget, advertising and other aspects of the band.

Click the image at the left or click here to download and print the 2-page application. Fill it in by hand, or on your typewriter (does anyone still have one?). Then save it and email it to Beth Purkhiser, Executive Director at, or put it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it to: Beth Purkhiser, Executive Director, LCB, 216 N. 4th Street, Suite #201, Lafayette, IN 47901. Thanks!

Our August 2018 Newsletter is Ready!

Please download and read the Lafayette Citizens Band's August 2018 newsletter. This issue includes:

Lafayette Citizens Band Shows "Esprit de Corps"

(Left) Patty Hoover and Kate Wright performed pre-concert music on their clarinets.
(Right) Dan Keen received an award for 50 years of dedicated service to the Lafayette Citizens Band,
from Sheila Klinker on behalf of the Indiana General Assembly.

(Left) Eileen Hession Wiess sang "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "You'll Never Walk Alone".
(Right) Eileen's family was here to hear Eileen sing: Jerry, Jude Ann (front), Angie, Molly, Dennis and Eileen (back).

(Left) The audience enjoyed hearing the band play and Eileen sing.
(Center) The euphonium players' view while playing "You'll Never Walk Alone".
(Right) The horns, with the low brass in the background, play the "Men of Music March".

Shirley and Bob dance the Bossa Nova. They are visiting from Connecticut and celebrating their 32nd anniversary.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

To use a standard high school essay opening, Webster's defines "Esprit de Corps" as "the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group". That describes the Lafayette Citizens Band's concert on Thursday, August 2, as well as the title number of the program, composed by Robert Jager. (The band recorded "Esprit de Corps" in Long Center if you'd like to take a listen.)

Pre-concert music was provided at 6:45 pm by clarinetists Patty Hoover and Kate Wright. The LCB began at 7:30 (avoiding the rain), with "The Men of Music March" composed by Karl King and arranged by Harold Walters. After the title number was "The French National Defile March" ("Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse"), originally a poem by Paul Cezano, written during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71, and the American version of the march was composed by Andre Turlet.

Eileen Hession Wiess was our featured vocalist in two numbers, "Someone to Watch Over Me" by George Gershwin, and "You’ll Never Walk Alone" by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Eileen was the City Clerk for the City of Lafayette from 1984 to 1995. Another march followed, "The Southerner" by Russell Alexander.

Two of the last three numbers on the concert were arrangements written by our Musical Director Bill Kisinger. The first was "Beach Boys Medley", and after Morton Gould's "Yankee Doodle", the program concluded with Bill's arrangement, "Bossa Nova Medley". Click here to see the complete "Esprit de Corps" program.

Next Thursday, August 9, Frank Muffin and his band will perform at 7:30, while the Lafayette Citizens Band takes a few weeks off before the season finale Labor Day concert.

Music on the Plaza Features a One-Man Band and an Alto Sax Soloist

We all know that Bill Kisinger can play the euphonium, but who knew he could sing?.

Left and center: The Lions Club gave out free popcorn, and the audience ate it up.
Right: Claudio and Margaret are here to listen to Claudio's dad Ian play.

The excellent sound of the band is enhanced by the use of the sound board (left),
and live streaming on Facebook is made possible with this mounted smart phone (right).

The percussion section with some of their toys for sound effects, and their marimba.

Wesley Taylor was the featured soloist in the Claude Smith "Fantasia for Alto Saxophone".

French horns and a bari sax on the left, tubas on the right, and Rico Moser playing in the Chicago medley in the middle.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

This past Thursday's concert (July 26) was titled "Music on the Plaza". Providing our pre-concert music at 6:45 pm was the LCB's Musical Director Bill Kisinger, performing as a One-Man Band. The Lafayette Citizens Band followed with a full hour-long concert at 7:30.

The highlight of the full band concert was alto saxophonist Wesley Taylor, who performed the second half of the "Fantasia for Alto Saxophone" with the band. Wes is an alumnus of West Lafayette High School.

The concert began with Alexander Lithgow's "Invercargill March", named after the composer's hometown on the South Island of New Zealand. Ralph (pronounced Raif) Vaughan-Williams's "Toccata Marziale" was next, and then "Serenata" by Leroy Anderson (who wrote the "Bugler's Holiday" we heard last week). After Wes Taylor's alto sax solo, we heard the "Gloria March" by F. H. Losey, and "Landscapes" by Rossano Galante.

A spicy number, "Fandango" by Frank Perkins was next, and then an arrangement that baby boomers were sure to love, "Pop and Rock Legends: Chicago", arranged by John Wasson. The program concluded with the "Lights Out March" by E. E. McCoy and the Warren Barker arrangement, "Hooray for Hollywood". Click here to see the complete "Music on the Plaza" program.

Our next concert is titled "Esprit de Corps". Click here to see the complete "Esprit de Corps" program.

One Great Evening; Two Great Bands!

The first concert featured the Purdue Summer Band, directed by Jonathan Sweet (above) and Matt Conaway.

The Purdue Summer Band clarinet section (left) and saxes, English horn and French horns (right).

Left: Katie and JP enjoy the concert with Rose, Philip, George and Ambrose.
Right: The audience joins the Purdue Summer Band in "Hail Purdue".

The trumpet section (left) was featured in "Bugler's Holiday". The LCB concert was conducted by Matt Conaway (right).

Concertgoers on July 19 were treated to two concerts for the price of one, which was free!

The Purdue Summer Band struck up the music first at 6:30 pm. The concert was directed by Jonathan Sweet (new to the Purdue Band faculty) and Matt Conaway, and featured numbers including "Them Basses" and music from "The Greatest Showman". Earlier in the week, the two conductors were interviewed by John Clare of WBAA.

The Lafayette Citizens Band concert was unexpectedly directed by Matt Conaway. After Thursday's rehearsal, LCB director Bill Kisinger took ill (think "This too shall pass"), and with just a few hours of preparation, Matt skillfully led the band through the concert. (Bill is doing fine, and even watched the concert online via Facebook Live).

This was the concert program that was rained out back on June 7, titled "Strike Up the Band". Of course, a concert with that title had to start off with that famous composition by George Gershwin. The rousing "Festive Overture" by Dmitri Shostakovich was next, followed by the serene "Sicilienne" by Gabriel Faure. "Bugler's Holiday" by Leroy Anderson featured the trumpet section, and the tone poem "Mannin Veen" (meaning "Dear Isle of Man") by Haydn Wood followed.

Indiana composer Fred Jewell's "The Old Circus Band" march was next on the program, and then two numbers by the opera composer Giacomo Puccini. The first was a march paraphrase of a well-known theme from La Boheme, and the other was "One Fine Day" from Madame Butterfly. A pasa doble march, "Espana Cani" ("Gypsy Spain") by Pascual Marquina, and a Stephen Bulla arrangement of "Sinatra" rounded out the concert. Click here to see the complete "Strike Up the Band" program.

Our next concert is on Thusrday, July 26, with pre-concert music by Bill Kisinger's One-Man Band at 6:45, and the LCB starting at 7:30, as usual. Bring your lawn chairs, and come early!

What Was on the Program Thursday? Mostly Marches!

Win Grant's Money was the pre-concert entertainment at the "Mostly Marches" concert on July 12.

O'Charley's Restaurant gave out free pie and drinks at the concert.

Left: The bass clarinet section of the Lafayette Citizens Band.
Right: The band plays "Hoagy Carmichael in Concert".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The Lafayette Citizens Band's concert on Thursday, July 12, was titled "Mostly Marches". It started with one of John Philip Sousa's most famous marches, the "Washington Post March". But this program featured concert marches as well. The next number was Camille Saiint-Saens's "Marche Militaire Francaise". And then we featured a circus march, which clips along at 140+ beats per minute, compared to the regular march tempo of 120, the "Circus Bee March" by Karl King, followed by Antonin Dvorak's "Slavonic March".

For a little variety (we did say "mostly" marches), the well-known "Shenandoah" was performed next, in an arrangement by Randol Bass, and then, it was back to the theme with Edwin Franko Goldman's "On the Mall March". Brian Balmages's "Fiesta de los Toros" was next, followed by the "Old Comrades March" by Carl Teike. Warren Barker's arrangement, "Hoagy Carmichael in Concert", commissioned by and written for the Lafayette Citizens Band, rounded out the program. You can see the complete "Mostly Marches" program here.

There were other treats as well. O'Charley's gave out free pie and drinks, and Win Grant's Money entertained before the concert. Our next concert is next Thursday, July 19, at 7:30, titled "Strike Up the Band". The Purdue Summer Band providing pre-concert music at 6:30 pm. As always, the concert is free and open to the public. Click here to see the "Strike Up the Band" program.

Thanks for Celebrating the Stars and Stripes With Us on July 4!

Left: Steve Cotten led the Big Swing Band to start the show.
Right: The Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps provided music for the first intermission.

Left: The Lafayette Citizens Band and the Freedom Singers, early in the evening.
Right: Despite temperatures in the 90s, a large audience showed up for the Stars and Stripes celebration concert.

Left: The Singing Vendors, who entertain before each movie shown in Long Center, sang at the second intermission.
Right: The Lafayette Citizens Band and the Freedom Singers, as twilight fell.

The program ended with a blast. The audience watched a spectacular fireworks show for a half hour after the concert.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The biggest concert of the year happened on Wednesday, July 4, at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette, with the Stars and Stripes Concert. The Big Swing Band, led by Steve Cotten, started things off at 7:00. At 7:45, the Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps appeared. The Lafayette Citizens Band, led by Bill Kisinger, and the Freedom Singers, led by John Satterfield, took over at 8:00. This first part of the LCB program also included two selections by Bill's Bones, vocal solos by John Satterfield and Dustin Hopkins, and a narration by Mike Piggott.

At 9:00, Eric Van Cleave directed the Singing Vendors, a group of students from Lafayette high schools, who perform at the Long Center before each movie. At 9:15, the Lafayette Citizens Band returned to finish the concert, and shortly after 10:00, the best fireworks show in the area began.

Click here for the complete "Stars and Stripes Celebration Concert" program.

There is no concert this evening (Thursday, July 5). Our next concert is Thursday July 12, with Win Grant's Money performing at 6:45 pm. O'Charley's Restaurant will be giving out free pie! The LCB concert starts at 7:30 pm, titled "Mostly Marches". You can see the "Mostly Marches" program here.

The Lafayette Citizens Band presents "Music for a (Hot) Summer Evening"

Left: The Lions Club had water and free popcorn available for the audience.
Center and Right: Al Jones and the Riverboat Ramblers presented pre-concert music.

Left: Despite the hot and humid weather, a good crowd attended the "Music for a Summer Evening" concert.
Center and Right: Don, Allie, Rose and Tom enjoy the concert, while another family enjoys the free popcorn.

Left: Amanda, Eva and Carter enjoy the music and the popcorn.
Center: Vocalist Marcel Ramalho sang the "Toreador Song" from
Carmen and "Some Enchanted Evening" from South Pacific.
Right: Steve Bells's euphonium bell glows in the evening.

Center: Bill Kisinger conducts the Lafayette Citizens Band.
Left and Right: The clarinet and brass sections.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

On Thursday, June 28, the Lafayette Citizens Band presented a concert titled "Music for a Summer Evening". It started with a march by W. Paris Chambers titled "Hostrauser's March", dedicated to J. F. Hostrauser. The second number was a wind band classic, Gustav Holst's "First Suite in Eb", containing three movements, Chaconne, Intermezzo, and March, which were connected together by small themes.

Glenn Osser's "Beguine for Band" is next. Music Director Bill Kisinger explained that the beguine originated in the Caribbean island of Martinique. Probably the most famous beguine is Cole Porter's "Begin the Beguine". Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade" followed, arranged by Jay Boocock, and then a circus march (that is, a very fast march) by Karl King, "Invictus".

Marcel Ramalho was our vocal soloist for the evening. Marcel sang two numbers, the "Toreador" song from Georges Bizet's opera Carmen, and Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Some Enchanted Evening", arranged by Bill Kisinger. Warren Barker's arrangement of "The Symphonic Gershwin" and John Wasson's "Land of Liberty" rounde out the program. Here is the complete program for "Music for a Summer Evening".

The Riverboat Ramblers, a Dixieland band led by Al Jones, presented pre-concert music at 6:45. Our next concert is next Wednesday, July 4. The Big Swing Band performs at 7:00, followed by the Lafayette Citizens Band at 8:00. The Freedom Singers and Bill's Bones are also featured. It's our "Stars and Stripes" concert. Join us!

Flutes and Piccolos Keep the Rain Away

Left: The Red Note Jazz Combo, a West Lafayette student group, provided pre-concert music.
Right: John and his children Tom and Rose listen to the "Valzer Compreste".

Loyal and supportive audience members showed up for the concert, despite the threat of rain.

Left: Piccolo players Celeste Kerbyson-Edwards and Bryana Bunte perform with the band in "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".
Right: The flute section was featured in two numbers, "Meditation" and "Valzer Compreste".
(Photos by Paul Addison)

After a concert like Thursday's (June 21), we remember the words of Bill Taylor, longtime trumpet player with the LCB, who said, "It never rains on a good band." Although it had been raining all day, the rain let up and allowed time for the entire Thursday evening concert, titled "Flutes, Flutes, Flutes".

The Red Note Jazz Combo, a talented student group from West Lafayette High School, played the pre-concert as a brave and supportive audience showed up.

The flute and piccolo sections ruled the evening, as they were featured in three numbers, which were moved up in the program just in case the rain decided to make a judgment on the band. The "Meditation" from Jules Massenet's Thais and the "Valzer Comprestre" by Gino Marinuzzi featured the entire flute section. In between, piccolo players Celeste Kerbyson-Edwards and Bryana Bunte were the soloists in a fantasy on "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

Other numbers on the program included "Sedona" by Steven Reineke (named for a small town in Arizona), "Across the Great Plains (The Pony Express, 1860-1861)" by William Owens, and two more familiar numbers: the "Toccata" by Girolamo Frescabaldi, and Maurice Ravel's "Bolero". The "Mambo" from West Side Story, the "Billboard March" by John Klohr, and "Big Band Signatures", arranged by John Higgins, completed the program. Here is the complete program for "Flutes, Flutes, Flutes".

Our next concert is Thursday, June 28 at 7:30 pm, with the Riverboat Ramblers providing pre-concert music at 6:45.

Lafayette Citizens Band Appreciates the City of Lafayette

Click to play video:
Tony Roswarski and friends lead the singing of "Back Home Again in Indiana".

Left: The Twin City Brass, consisting of Jake Rogers, Jason Ausban, Michael Plake, Jim Hopkins, and Chad Downey.
Right: John Mason, brother of LCB tuba player Charlie Mason, enjoys the concert with his dog Blitz.

The Lafayette Citizens Band performs its City Appreciation Night concert at Riehle Plaza.
(Video and photos by Paul Addison)

The City of Lafayette has provided funds for the Lafayette Citizens Band for over 70 years, and on Thursday, June 14, the band showed its appreciation to Lafayette and to all our local elected and appointed officials, with our "City Appreciation Night" concert.

Local history was highlighted when the band played the "Tippecanoe Quickstep", a campaign number for William Henry Harrison's bid for the presidency in 1840, nearly 30 years after the famous Battle of Tippecanoe. Later in the program, the band played Henry Fillmore's "His Honor", traditionally performed when a city mayor is present. The highlight of the concert followed when Mayors Tony Roswarski, along with city council members Ron Campbell, Percy Brown, Kevin Klinker, and State Representative Sheila Klinker led the audience in the singing of "Back Home Again in Indiana" (see video above).

Other numbers on the program in included the "Bravura March" by C.E. Duble, "Homage to Perotin" (a French composer around the year 1200), our own Matt Conaway's "Woodwinds of Mass Destruction", "Spanish Fever" by Jay Chattaway, the "Star-Spangled Spectacular" by John Cacavas, "Who's that Masked Man?" by Jay Bocook, and finally, selections from "The Man of LaMancha" by Mitch Leigh. The complete "City Appreciation Night" program can be found here.

Also, we broadcast a live stream of our concert for the first time, and we plan to do this regularly. If you can't attend out next concert, try watching us on Facebook Live. (You will need to be logged into Facebook. Scroll down to the "Posts" section.) Thanks, Krista Steinmetz!

Our next concert is Thursday, June 21, with the Red Note Jazz Combo at 6:45, followed by the Lafayette Citizens Band at 7:30.

Bill's Bones Played, But the LCB Was Rained Out

Bill Kisinger's trombone band, Bill's Bones, performed before the scheduled LCB concert.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The rain was on its way, but Bill's Bones (above) entertained the audience on Thursday, June 7. Unfortunately, before the Lafayette Citizens Band could start its concert, the rain put a stop to the entertainment.

We will have another concert next Thursday, June 14. The Twin City Brass will perform at 6:45, followed by the LCB at 7:30. It's City Appreciation Night, so come and see the elected officials of Lafayette, West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County, as the band shows its appreciation for their support. Bring your lawn chair and get there early! Riehle Plaza is in downtown Lafayette at 2nd and Main Streets.

High School Night Concert Beats the Rain!

Colleen, Bridget, Uni and the rest of the audience brave the clouds to enjoy the High School Night concert.

West Lafayette High School band director Don Pettit directs "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March".

Rossville High School band director Joel Good leads the band in "The Great Locomotive Chase".

Michael Richardson, Benton Central High School band director, conducts "Overture in Classical Style".

McCutcheon band director Dan Peo directs excerpts from "Finale from the New World".

Chris Paulson, Lafayette Jeff High School band director, conducts "Instant Concert".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Threatening rain clouds did not keep everyone away on Thursday evening. The Lafayette Citizens Band's High School Night concert did take place. Director Bill Kisinger opened the concert with excerpts from Die Meistersinger, and then the five high school band directors conducted their numbers. Bill Kisinger followed with a John Philip Sousa encore, and by that time, about 8:10, the rain had started.

Forty high school students from the area joined the Lafayette Citizens Band for High School Night, a tradition started by Musical Director Bill Kisinger in the early 1990s. Students from Lafayette Jefferson, West Lafayette, Harrison, McCutcheon, Benton Central and Rossville High Schools participated. Don Pettit (West Lafayette) directed "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March", Joel Good (Rossville) conducted "The Great Locomotive Chase", Michael Richardson (Benton Central) led the band in the "Overture in Classical Style", Dan Peo (McCutcheon) conducted "Finale from the New World Symphony excerpts", and Chris Paulson (Lafayette Jeff) directed "Instant Concert".

The complete "High School Night" program (including the numbers that were "rained out"), can be seen here.

Our next concert is next Thursday, June 7, at 7:30 pm.

The Lafayette Citizens Band Kicks Off the 2018 Season!

Left: LCB photographer Kriz Kazmierczak receives the Volunteer of the Year award for her many years of service.
(Photo by Paul Addison. Other photos on this page are by Kris Kazmierczak.)
Despite 90-degree heat, hundreds of people attended the LCB's Memorial Day concert.

John, Allison, Rose and Thomas (left) and Renata and Barb (right) enjoy the concert.

The band's music gets the audience's toes tapping (left).
Ricky and Fillippa, visiting from Argentina and Alfredo listen to the band.

Jo Gelfand rings in the "Gillette Look Sharp March", while Pam Nave brings in the horses for the "Light Cavalry Overture."

Veterans of all services were honored with the "Armed Forces Salute":
Army (top row), Coast Guard and Navy (middle row), Marines and Air Force (bottom row).

Sections of the Lafayette Citizens Band at "work": English horn, brass, clarinets, and piccolos.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The long winter's wait is over! The 2018 summer season of the Lafayette Citizens Band began on Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day). Although the temperature was in the mid-90s most of the day, hundreds of people attended the concert in the early evening. The band has been in existence for 176 years, and thus the theme for the year, The Spirit of 176.

Kris Kazmierczak, known affectionatly as Kaz, was presented with the Volunteer of the Year Award. Kaz has been taking pictures at our band concerts since 2013.

A trio of American songs started the program. "America the Beautiful", arranged by Carmen Dragon, was followed by "American Jubilee" by Charles Booker, and Henry Fillmore's "Americans We" march.

A classic transcribed from the opera world was next, the "Light Cavalry Overture", composed by Franz von Suppe and arranged by Henry Fillmore. The next number brought back memories for many, the "Gillette Look Sharp March". And then, looking ahead, was "Space and Beyond" arranged by John Moss, consisting of several popular space themes, from "The Planets" to "2001" to "Star Wars". LCB Musical Director Bill Kisinger was the arranger, conductor, and one of the soloists on the next number, the "C Jam Blues" composed by Duke Ellington (also soloing were Bruce Knepper on trumpet and Pam Nave on drums).

Our veterans were honored by the "Armed Forces Salute", during which veterans of all branches of service stood when their service song was played. (See pictures above.) The concert concluded with "Bond, James Bond", arranged by Stephen Bulla (and maybe an encore as well). The complete Memorial Day concert program can be found here.

Our next concert is this Thursday! Some 30 high school students will sit alongside the Lafayette Citizens Band in our "High School Night" concert, an LCB tradition since the 1990s. The concert starts at 7:30 pm. Click the "Where to Park" button above for suggestions on where to park your car. All concerts by the Lafayette Citizens Band at Riehle Plaza are free and open to the public.

Play with the Purdue Summer Band!

From Matt Conaway, Purdue Bands & Orchestras:

Greetings from Purdue University!

We’ve just started registration for the 2018 Purdue Summer Concert Band. This ensemble is open to all area musicians high school age and over, and always includes a nice cross-section of the Greater Lafayette community. This ensemble is free, and open to all. We begin rehearsals on Tuesday, June 19, and rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 PM at the Elliott Hall of Music Room 15. Our concert will be held on Thursday, July 19, 6:30 PM at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette.

Please feel free to register at the following link:

Purdue students: You may elect to take Summer Band for credit through BAND 117 (and pay all associated course fees), or you are welcome to just come in and play for the fun of it. For those who enroll for credit, grading requirements will include attendance at EVERY rehearsal plus the concert, as well as participation in the Summer Commencement Band.

You can reach out to me ( with any questions about the ensemble. I hope to see you join us this summer!

Warmest Regards,

Matt Conaway
Purdue Bands & Orchestras

New Player Information Has Been Posted

Are you a musician looking for a band to play with? Have you heard the Lafayette Citizens Band and wondered how you could be a part of it? Go to our Player Info page and find out how to join the band! You'll find out when we play, when we rehearse, what we pay, what we wear, plus you'll be able to tell your section leader about your experience and when you are available for this summer's concerts. Returning musicians can find the schedule there, too.

Our Matching Endowment Campaign

You can help the Lafayette Citizens Band and the Community Foundation! This year, you have a choice between donating directly to us, which funds our current operating expenses, or donating to our endowment fund with the Community Foundation. Donations by first time donors to the Foundation will be matched at 50% until August 1st, or until the $500,000 in matching funds are depleted. This means if you donate $100, we will receive $150 for our endowment. We are competing with 29 other non-profit organizations for these matching funds on a first come, first serve basis. You can find more information about this endowment on the Community Foundation's website,, under the "LaNelle Geddes Matching Campaign".

Give Thanks by Donating to the Lafayette Citizens Band at No Extra Cost to You!

Yes, you can donate to the Lafayette Citizens Band while you do your holiday shopping. Just go to and Amazon donates to Lafayette Citizens Band, Inc.

Happy Holidays!

YouTube Videos of the Lafayette Citizens Band

Here are three YouTube videos of the LCB.

These performances are from the LCB's 2010 season opening concert in Long Center on May 20, 2010. The excellent videography is by Kerry England, Hornkraft Productions.

"Hoagy Carmichael in Concert": This medley of Indiana composer Hoagy Carmichael's tunes was commissioned for the LCB's 150th anniversary concert in 1992 from Warren Barker, and premiered at that concert.

"Esprit de Corps":, by Robert Jager. This piece is a fantasy on the Marine Corps hymn.

"George Washington Bicentennial March": This John Philip Sousa march was written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth, and was the last march Sousa composed before his death in 1932.


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